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Wei Kew with Angel

It was one of the best days of my life. I still remember Angel was just 6 months old when I met her for the first time. It would be right to say that she chose me. So, when I went to meet her at the shelter, she saw me and got so excited that she peed. Haha, yes, you read that correctly - She peed. That was not out of fear or nervousness. It was her way of saying that she was comfortable enough to live with me. I just knew she was the one for me! From that day till now, she never ceases to amaze me. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. She is 3 years old now. :) That's our story!


Sharad with Food

Food, as I call him lovingly, came into our lives about four years back. He had a broken leg when he was tiny, but that eventually healed. My family was quite against cats as creatures. But cut to a year into this relationship, he’s become a valued member of our family. He’s more of a dog than a cat really. I’m probably going to make a video on his behaviour and his affection to show that cats are really loving and emotional creatures, all they need is time. He’s so smart, he’s made his own Instagram page as well.


Rineesha with Klaus

Klaus happened all of a sudden 4 years ago. My cousin was gifted a puppy on his birthday and he was not in a position to look after him at all. He could not have returned the gift for some reason. He shared this with me on a call when I asked him to get the puppy at my place, I really wanted to meet this little thing. My cousin came home and looked at me and we exchanged a look that said, “I know you’ll look after this precious thing.” And the very next minute this puppy was family. No one objected and there we all were with our arms open, welcoming happiness. We named him Klaus after around a week’s discussion with the entire family. Now, we just cannot imagine life without him. He accompanies us everywhere, call him a Dog or God, to us it means the same. No, he doesn't call me mom, yes, I know he is my child. He teaches me the art of parenting, every day.


Shweta with Chickoo

I still remember the evening when my dad told my sister and me that we were going to visit his friend's place to meet his dog's newborn puppies. On our way to his place, my dad casually asked us what we thought about potentially adopting one of them and we were more than up for it. And that's how Chickoo came into our family. He is not like any other dog I've ever met, and every person who meets him says the same. He is 7 years old but still acts as excited and innocent as a puppy. He has an undying love for bananas and is always up for a bath. He is the most precious little boy in the whole world and I am happy that I get to share a home with him.


Joy with Luv

My neighbours had to shift to another country and they had a year old pug Luv, we decided to take him in. Initially, he was very quiet, timid and missed his old family. I did try my best to make him feel at home, I played with him and assured him he was in the right hands, we got along very well. He loves mom more than he loves me, he keeps following her everywhere she goes, in no time he was a part of our family. We took the right decision. He is the Luv of my life.



Laila was rescued at a very young age and was constantly hopping foster homes. Until her Furrever human decided to prepone her plans for adopting a cat and adopted Laila!



Sheru was rescued as an orphan along with his 2 siblings. As luck has it, the 3 siblings were adopted on the same day, meeting their happy homes.


Karan with Zoe

It's been a year now that I have adopted Zoe, a cute little Persian cat. She is an absolutely amazing companion, gentle, very playful and loves playing with her toys. She follows me everywhere and sleeps cuddles up to me every night. When I talk to her she answers back with Purr and a rub on the leg or palm. She loves being pampered and cared like a baby. She is the most loving, comforting and friendly cat ever. My love and care towards her is beyond infinity.



Maple was rescued along with her sister Abby on a busy road, orphaned. Maple and Abby seemed to be in luck, having found a home in the same week as their rescue.



Eva, like many other puppies, was adopted and returned because of her teething. Eva seemed to run out of luck even with foster homes. Until one day, this loving family called, wanting Eva to be the newest addition to the fantastical family.



Laila, along with her 8 siblings were rescued when they were merely 3 weeks old, orphaned. While most of the litter couldn't survive, Laila was lucky enough to find her furrever family, who are always doting on her.



Kuttu was rescued with a broken arm but refused to stay in his plastered arm for more than a few weeks. Since he was supposed to be monitored for minimal activities, these two lovely sisters decided to foster him. Having been such a sweetheart, his foster parent's family decided to adopt him in their massive lavish house in Shillong; where Kuttu now breathes the freshest air and enjoys the company of all his new friends!



Shero was rescued as an orphan along with his 2 siblings. As luck has it, the 3 siblings were adopted on the same day, meeting their happy homes.



Joy was rescued as an orphan along with his 2 siblings. As luck has it, the 3 siblings were adopted on the same day, meeting their happy homes.



Abby was rescued along with her sister Maple on a busy road, orphaned. Abby and Maple seemed to be in luck, having found a home in the same week as their rescue.


Madhuri with Sheru

My mom had gone to the market and while she was getting done with her shopping, she saw Sheru and went to pet him. That was the cue for Sheru, he followed her home. Mom did not hesitate either. She named him Sheru only after he started living with us. It's been 3 years and we are a happy family. He is the best thing to happen to us. He is happiness.



Snowball was adopted at an adoption camp when she was only 1 month old. Having returned because she started teething, made her really upset and fell ill. But miracles happened the day she not only found her furrever human, but her playmate for life, her older sister from another mother!



While Pumpkin was attending an adoption camp, there seemed to be this generous and kind lady who sat with her all day, looking after her, feeding her, playing with her. Little did either of them know, Pumpkin had just found her soulmate, and her soulmate felt the same way. Things were pretty obvious that they were inseparable, and Pumpkin found her furrever home.



When a video of a few drunk menacing men manhandling a frail 2 months old kitten went viral, rescuers jumped at getting the kitten into safety. Having fallen prey to Ellie's sheer size and cuteness, her furrever humans just couldn't let her go.

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