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the lion kingdom

gir national park is home to the only wild lions outside of africa.

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  • 08:00 pm

    Desert Kings

    ride of Lions. With 4 subadult males, growing stronger every day, this group is on edge. The subadult males are testing their limits and soon, their father will not accept them anymore. In 'Desert Kings' we follow the story of these subadult Kalahari lions. We see them being brutally forced out off their pride, away from their mother and sisters. Being wandering nomads is a difficult stage for every male lion, but within the unforgiving Kalahari desert all lions are skilled fighters. This is a story of fighting for survival, death and hope. Who will survive the next two summers?

  • 09:00 pm

    River Monsters Compilation

    onsters. Fishing detective Jeremy Wade revisits the most bizarre, dangerous & deadly mysteries of the deep.

  • 10:00 pm

    Wild Frank (Season 1r) (Rehost - Ind)

    frica. There are hundreds of stories and legends about the deadly power of the Black Mamba... stories and legends that are born of an irrefutable fact: in recent years the attacks and deaths caused by the deadly reptile have increased considerably.

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